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Chances for Children provides hope for children in Haiti through many programs aimed at improving the lives of children and strengthening families through community empowerment.
Craig and Kathi Juntunen made their first trip to Haiti in 2005. That trip changed their perspective on life and they left Haiti knowing they needed to “do something”. That something started with the adoption of 3 children and has grown into a ministry focused on transforming lives in Haiti. 
The first project began in 2006. Chances for Children partnered with Crèche Enfant Jesus  managed by Gina and Lucien Duncan. Working with the Duncan family C4C provided funding and management operations for a crèche (adoption orphanage) in the small village of Lamerdelle, east of Port au Prince.  C4C also helped fund the local school that was built in the community.  Electricity and a water purification system were added through partnership efforts. This community project was transitioned to the Duncan family at the end of 2009. 
In 2010, after the devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti, C4C moved into a disaster relief efforts. Delivering over 46,000 pounds of food, medicine and supplies to villages in Haiti. 
Since 2010, Chances for Children has been partnering with Pastor Renelus Maxime of the Ark d’ Alliance Church in Kenscoff, Haiti. C4C’s main campus is located in Kenscoff, which is a mountain area 15 miles east of Port au Prince. Located at this site is a crèche (adoption orphanage), a pediatric medical clinic, a guesthouse, agricultural programs, clean water systems, vocational training center, women’s empowerment programs (jewelry and sewing), and  a bible college for church leaders. Through the relationship with Pastor Maxime and the 13 churches  under his association, C4C also operates feeding programs, mobile medical clinics, clean water systems and women’s programs in another 9 locations.  Currently the ministry employs 125 individuals in Haiti.
The C4C Board and Management team believe that Haiti can only be restored through faith based programs that empower church leaders and their communities. Our efforts support this belief. C4C has 10 church community efforts underway and each one is led and managed by the local pastor with C4C coming alongside them to provide training, mentorship, and program support.