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  • Between 2011- 2015 C4C created the Sustainable Community Program in Kenscoff Haiti. This includes a church, crèche, economic programs for women, a guesthouse, pediatric medical clinic, sustainable garden and vocational training.
  • Have 40 women in our empowering women’s program and have raised their income from an average of $20.00 per month to $75.00 per month. This program is now 100% self sustainable.
  • As of 2016, C4C employs 130 staff in Haiti. 130 jobs created to help families grow stronger.
  • With our partner, Highlands Church, 42 church leaders completed a 2 year bible college and are now stronger community leaders teaching the word of God.
  • Care for 35 orphaned and abandoned children  and have placed an additional 130 children with adoptive families in the U.S. 
  • Through our partner, Alliance for Children  provide food, nannies, medical care and education to 50 children living in a local orphanage.
  • In collaboration with our partner, Feed My Starving Children, provide meals 3 times a week to 2.400 children in our remote feeding programs and partner with another 5 Haitian organizations to deliver and provide food for their children (includes orphanages and schools).
  • Funded and installed a clean drinking water system to serve  families in Latapi (L'Artibonit) who were having significant health issues as their main water source was a dirty canal.
  • Treated over 2,000 children in our pediatric clinic and our mobile clinics.
  • Delivered 46,000 pounds of food, supplies, and medicines to children and families in tent encampments after the earthquake.