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Visions and Goals

Widespread poverty, economic turmoil, and devastating natural disasters have created a bleak future for the children of Haiti. Due to extreme poverty many parents are forced to abandon or relinquish their children because they do not have the ability to feed, care or educate them. There is currently an orphan epidemic in Haiti, with over 400,000 children living without parents. The mission of Chances for Children is to help solve this problem one child, one family, one community at a time.
We believe that the answer to Haiti's orphan epidemic can be found by strengthening communities and their families.

Chances for Children works through the local church to uplift the children of Haiti with a variety of programs:

Food Security – C4C in partnership with Feed My Starving Children operates feeding programs in 10 locations. Children are fed one meal 3-6 times per week. Currently there are 2,800 children enrolled in daily feeding programs which are operated in 10 church communities in Haiti. Thanks to support from individual donors and church partners (see partner page), we not only provide nutrition and clean water to these children, but support their families and provide jobs to the individuals who oversee the feeding programs.


Medical Care - the C4C Pediatric Medical Clinic, located in Kenscoff, serves approximately 2,000 children per year. In addition, our mobile medical teams (staffed by stateside volunteer medical professionals) provide care for another 900 children in rural church communities. Our mobile clinics operate quarterly in rural sites and are helping us save lives and prevent severe illness from treatable things such as malnutrition, dehydration, anemia & respiratory infections.


Education – in partnership with Alliance for Children, C4C provides vocational training, English courses, early childhood development instruction, and music and dance classes to teens in the Kenscoff area. Most of these young students are “at risk” and living outside parental care.


Orphan Care – C4C operates an IBESR licensed Creche where 42 children are cared for as they await the adoption process. All of the children under our care have adoptive families who are in various stages of the long adoption process. We also support another non-adoption orphanage located in Kenscoff- serving 50 children. By providing monthly donations of food, clothing medicine and financial assistance we are able to improve the conditions and the general care of these children.


Job Creation - we currently employ 125 Haitian staff in country in our crèche, feeding programs, medical clinic, guesthouse and women’s initiatives. Through our women’s empowerment programs women have gone from earning $20 per month to an average of $80 per month. Ila Joi and Zel empower women and allow them to provide for their children. and


Strengthening Communities through Faith – through our partner Highlands Church in Scottsdale, AZ, 42 church leaders have completed a bible college and are now serving in their local church communities. These men are teaching the word of God and becoming leaders in their communities. Through their leadership we are installing clean water systems, providing economic opportunities and will soon launch sustainable gardening projects. All these efforts demonstrate God’s love to our Haitian brothers and sisters.