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Family Stories

The following are some stories from families who have adopted through us.

The Sosnowitz Family

We always knew that we wanted our biological son Blake, (now 7 years old) to have a brother or sister.  Both of us have very strong relationships with our siblings and we wanted the same for our son......continued

The Witcher Family

In October 2004, Chad and I discussed one day adopting internationally.  The only problem was I was 8 months pregnant with our 3rd daughter.  Obviously, the thought of adopting was put on the back burner.......continued

The Wacker Family

We are proud parents of biological twin boys, Jake and Josh age 17. Next are Gabrielle 11, and Joselin 9, both adopted from Guatemala and Cindi 7, adopted from Haiti. When we thought we might possibly find room in our three-bedroom home for two more children, we discussed it with these five......continued

The Welling Family - The most recent homecoming!

After a very long process (due to changes in Haitian adoption), Scott and Michelle Welling’s patience and persistence to bring their children home has paid off. On September 27th, Savannah Ludnie and Jordan Francky were finally able to meet their parents who worked so hard to bring them home. The first time parents spent 6 days in Haiti to start the transition of their new family....continued

The Cronin Family - An Unexpected Surprise!  

To most the phrase is an oft quoted, yet inadequately captured idea that represents many of the various parts of life that are unanticipated—a surprise. However, to our family it has come to be the only words that can embody what we have experienced in the last year and a half. Our first surprise: the decision to adopt two beautiful children from Haiti.....continued


 The Campbell Family -

Colleen O’Connell and Jeff Campbell were no strangers to working in the developing world when they first started bringing volunteer medical teams to Haiti in 2003.....continued


 The Clark Family -  Adopting - A Dream Come True

Adopting Josiah Lerne and Ana Widline has been a dream come true.  Before Bob and I even were married, we talked about adopting.  During the eleven years that we’ve been married, we talked and prayed about the possibility of adopting.  While raising our three biological children, we still held on to the dream of adopting.  Finally, ten years and three children later, we knew the time was right to add to our family through adoption.....continued


 The Mangine Family - The Day we Met our Son

Gwen Mangine posted this email from her recent trip to the Crèche....My husband and I just returned from a trip to see our son and  I wanted
to share a few things...continued