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Kenscoff Community Center

Empowering communities through sustainable development.

Our newest project launched in May 2011 is located in the rural area of Kenscoff, Haiti. This project is being developed jointly between C4C and, Coeurs de Compassion-International Helping Hearts (IHH), a Haitian NGO.

This project is based on 6 key areas that will help this Haitian community address the root causes of poverty – not just the symptoms.

  • Faith Building – The spiritual needs of the community are a key component in our program. Our church community is at the foundation of our programs.
  • Education – We believe that education is a basic component to a path out of poverty. Many of the children in the community do not attend school. Our goal is to build a new, highly accredited elementary school that educates the children we serve.
  • Health – access to health care is a luxury in this rural area – we aim to change that. Part of our community center (construction begins March 2012) will house a medical clinic to provide routine treatments for families in the area.
  • Empowering Women – through artisan crafts and micro-credit programs. Providing women with more financial independence and a means to pay for their children's food, shelter, and education  means less orphans.
  • Orphan Care -  while we provide orphan care to children who are currently living in orphanages, we are also on a mission to reduce the number of orphans being created in Haiti. Our Children’s House (estimated completion in 12/2011) will house 65 children in a family style setting.
  • Agriculture- provide training, sustainable crop design, and agriculture training to the community - this will in turn create economic opportunities for families.
C4C and IHH are developing the community in phases - we are actively seeking Founding Members to become partners in our Sustainable Community Project.