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Orphan Care

There are over 400,000 children living in Haiti without parents. These children often end up living in the streets of Haiti, working as child slaves (restaveks) or warehoused in orphanages. The latest report  from the United Nations lists over 500 orphanages in Haiti, and most of these receive very little funding to take care of the children that they house. The government of Haiti is unable to provide funding for these children and without private support these children face a very bleak future.

C4C provides monthly support to a few select Haitian Non-Profits operating orphanages where children live out their lives.  We partner with these groups to provide monthly donations of food, medicine, clothing and financial support.  Here is how we use our donations to provide care for some of Haiti’s most vulnerable population:

  • Supporting  4 Orphanages serving 350 children.
  • Improving the conditions at these locations by helping them fund the construction of  bathrooms, bedrooms and basic site improvements.
  • Monthly donations of food, mattresses, supplies, medicine and financial assistance.
  • Bi-monthly  visits to ensure child welfare.
  • Enrichment programs aimed at improving children’s lives.
  • In some sites, we provide child sponsorships so that the children may receive better medical care, an education and nutritious meals.
  • Visit our Sponsorship page to learn how you can help provide care to the vulnerable children living in orphanages.