Sponsor a child and provide them with the essentials they need to survive.


Chances for Children provides financial aid, management support and volunteers to Haiti.


Your donations help us provide the people of Haiti with shelter, feeding programs, and more.

We have food, but kids are starving.

Due to the political unrest in Haiti we can't deliver the food to our villages - we need to use helicopters to airdrop food and then donkeys and motorcycles to deliver it. With your help we can continue to feed 5000 children in Haiti.


Welcome To Chances For Children

Keeping Families Together

Our Vision

Chances for Children provides HOPE to Haiti’s children by developing leaders and empowering church communities.


Chances for Children works through the local church to uplift the children of Haiti with a variety of programs.

How You Can Help

There are many ways your donations can be used in Haiti. There are also many other ways to support the people of Haiti.

What We Do

Our Mission is accomplished in a variety of ways.

Adoption/Orphan Care

Thanks to many partners who sponsor the children at the créche receive outstanding care.

Feeding Programs

Through our partner, Feed My Starving Children we are able to feed impoverished communities.

Community Development

Our goal is to bring each of our church communities out of Survival mode and into Stabilty mode.

Medical Care

The Pediatric Medical Clinic sees approximately 190 children per month.

Empowering Women

Designed to keep families together, through our programs Ila Joi and Zel.

Mission Teams

Do you have a passion for wanting to serve others?  If so, Chances for Children needs you!

Jobs Created

Pediatric Visits

Meals Served

Children Placed

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See your donations changing lives

We pray every day for the situation in Haiti to improve. We would love to get mission teams back out to our crèche and remote sites to help serve the 5,000 kids and the many families connected to our organization. Despite the lack of mission teams due to the unrest striking the country, our Haitian staff is loving on these kids and serving them with devoted hearts. We are grateful for each one of them. But we do hope we can get some teams back soon to help us with our many programs! Head to our site to learn more about all that we do and ways you can support our efforts in Haiti despite the inability to bring missions teams at this time:


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This week we are raising some funds for all of our programs, and every dollar counts! How does this work? Donate an amount available on the tree on Venmo to @Chances4Children and send us a message with the amount you have donated and we will fill the spot! (Or donate to link in bio)

No amount is too small to make a difference in a family’s life! Help us fill all of the slots so that we can continue providing for the needs across Haiti!

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Happy Friday! Our crèche kids are not only like a big family, but they are best friends too! Each one of them brings so much fun and personality to our crèche.

Stay tuned for an opportunity coming up on giving Tuesday after a weekend of shopping to help support our programs!

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Happy Thanksgiving from our C4C family to yours!

Today, we are beyond grateful for you all - for your support and prayer for Haiti and for our organization.

Because of you, all 5,000 children we serve in Haiti will be eating a meal today with us, and for that we are forever grateful.

“Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind, for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.”
- Psalm 107:8-9

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Update: 50 boxes of food were successfully delivered yesterday to the village of Massikot, our most rural village serving 600 children in our feeding program. It is currently impossible to transport food to this region by car due to the unrest and road blocks. All glory to God, we were able to transport this food by helicopter, providing food to a village that was without our Feed My Starving Children manna packs for 3 weeks. After being transported by the helicopter, the food was carried overhead and packed on donkeys to carry 5 miles straight up the mountain to their village.

Words cannot express how much gratitude we have in the fact that the 5,000 children we feed across Haiti have access to food again through our feeding programs. Thank you all for your continual support and prayer. 💕

#GloryToGod #PrayForHaiti #feedingprograms #Update #14villages #allprovidedwithfood #Godisgood #thanksgiving #praise
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2 weeks ago

Chances for Children

Today, we loaded up a helicopter with 50 boxes of Feed My Starving Children manna packs to deliver to our most rural village, Massikot. We are incredibly grateful for all who have contributed to making this a reality.

As a result of the ongoing weeks of political turmoil across Haiti, roads are blocked, violence is rampant, and transporting food is extremely challenging, as the food boxes in the vehicles are susceptible to being stolen.

This delivery marks the last of our 14 villages deliveries over the past 2 weeks, with 1-3 months of food having been provided to each location. Our pastors and village leaders have found creative ways to get food out to all of our villages by disguising food in trash bags and transporting them on motos, filling the bottoms of tap-taps with a layer of boxes and having people stand on top to hide the fact that food was being transported, and carrying boxes as far as 5 miles on foot to reach the villages with food.

We praise God for His provision and protection over everyone involved, allowing us to continue feeding the 5,000 children we support in Haiti. As difficult as the situation is in Haiti, miracles like these remind us that God is completely present in all that we are doing and is able to do more than we could ever imagine. He is with us during this immensely challenging time!

#GloryToGod #miracleworker #feedingprograms #chancesforchildren #endworldhunger #NoMatterWhatItTakes #grateful #blessed #encouraged #PrayForHaiti
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Today is #FlashbackFriday to Ms. Erlande who was at the creche for almost 4 years and went home to her forever family in April of 2017. Her family has stayed in good contact with C4C and many of our staff even got to catch up with her in November at our annual Night of Hope. Erlande had sponsors supporting her throughout her time at the creche. If you are interested in sponsoring any of our current children, please email susie@chances4children.org.
*This post is shared with the permission from her family!* Laura
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Pastor Phaton is the Head Pastor at the church we partner with near Cite Soleil in Port-au-Prince. He is also the leader for all of our feeding programs in Haiti, coordinating with our other pastors to get our Feed My Starving Children manna packs out to our 14 villages, feeding nearly 5,000 children.

Recently, he has worked with our village pastors to find creative ways to get food out to our remote sites during this challenging time of roadblocks across the country, making it difficult to reach all of our villages. You can find more information about this and ways to help get food out to our villages on our website:


We are thankful for his kind heart, his dedication to his work and the people of Haiti, and above all his deep love for God, which is reflected in all that he does. He embodies our mission and is a vital part of our C4C family!

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Madam Pierre and her kids joined us a few weeks ago for our day of prayer! They are the sweetest, most adorable family. Madam Pierre is one of our cooks in the guesthouse and makes amazing food! Her husband is also a chef. We are praying that the situation in Haiti improves so that we can start welcoming teams again, but until then we are blessed by Madam Pierre’s presence and the joy she brings wherever she goes.

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Yesterday morning, a few of our village pastors gathered together at 4am to pray for the day - the plan was to get food out to 4 of our villages while there was a small window of “calm” during the storm.

Many men loaded up our Feed My Starving Children food and headed out, risking their safety in order to deliver food to hundreds of children who have not been able to receive the manna packs for 2 weeks. We were reminded once again of how big of a God we serve - His angels surrounded the vehicle and these men and kept them safe. The truck was stopped multiple times, but we had enough men manning the truck to get the food across. As they approached the villages, many had to step down and carry the boxes as some side roads became impassible, but all praise to God the food arrived and hundreds of kids are able to eat again for 3 months.

We are so proud of our team - for them working together and risking their safety for the benefit of these children and their families. Haitians are some of the most resilient, courageous, God-fearing people we know. This is a true testament to God at work in and through Haitians during the most challenging season many of them have ever lived through.

“I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted.” - Job 42:2

For those who have donated to our Emergency Food Drop fund, thank you. We will be using these funds to transport food to our our other villages during this time. You can find more information and ways to support here:


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Your support of Night of Hope will help us eliminate the orphan epidemic in Haiti.