Sponsor a child and provide them with the essentials they need to survive.


Chances for Children provides financial aid, management support and volunteers to Haiti.


Your donations help us provide the people of Haiti with shelter, feeding programs, and more.

C4C in Haiti during the Corona Virus:

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Welcome To Chances For Children

Keeping Families Together

Our Vision

Chances for Children provides HOPE to Haiti’s children by developing leaders and empowering church communities.


Chances for Children works through the local church to uplift the children of Haiti with a variety of programs.

How You Can Help

There are many ways your donations can be used in Haiti. There are also many other ways to support the people of Haiti.

What We Do

Our Mission is accomplished in a variety of ways.

Adoption/Orphan Care

Thanks to many partners who sponsor the children at the créche receive outstanding care.

Feeding Programs

Through our partner, Feed My Starving Children we are able to feed impoverished communities.

Community Development

Our goal is to bring each of our church communities out of Survival mode and into Stabilty mode.

Medical Care

The Pediatric Medical Clinic sees approximately 190 children per month.

Empowering Women

Designed to keep families together, through our programs Ila Joi and Zel.

Mission Teams

Do you have a passion for wanting to serve others?  If so, Chances for Children needs you!

Jobs Created

Pediatric Visits

Meals Served

Children Placed

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11 hours ago

Chances for Children

We welcome the newest baby to our C4C family, Mike Luciano! Madam Anne Rose is one of our medical clinic cleaners and had this precious boy 2 months ago! She is now back to work after having paid maternity leave. Both the momma and son are happy and healthy! 💕☺️

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We have officially reopened our 4 village schools to finish out our Spring semester for the next month. All students will participate in nation-wide exams in the beginning of October to be able to advance to the succeeding grade level. Then, the 2020-2021 school year will begin on November 10th.

With some of the funds that were raised during our virtual 5K, we bought cleaning supplies for each school so that our teachers and students can work in a safe environment.


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Happy Monday from this cutie! F has the biggest smile and the most fun personality. We love that she can step into any room and light it up with her presence and energy, and also go and play on her own to unlock her endless creativity.

For just $1 per day you can help provide basic food and essentials for this sweet girl. Contact Susie@chances4children.org to make a difference in her life.

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4 days ago

Chances for Children

Happy Saturday from these crèche cuties!!! 🤗💜

A typical Saturday at the crèche includes hair washing, braiding, laundry, chores, and a whole lot of fun playing together!
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We believe the answer to Haiti’s orphan epidemic can be solved by strengthening communities and families.

We feed over 5,000 kids in 14 villages across Haiti. We work through the local church to provide jobs, medical care, food, and sustainability programs to thousands of families.

Providing opportunities to kids and families gives hope for the future of Haiti.
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Our backyard farming program in Massikot has been highly successful for 50 of the poorest families in our partner church. 50 goats were distributed last December, which has now grown to 150 goats. Peppers, leeks, papaya trees, cabbage, and beans are growing well in the backyard farms and the community garden!

Many of the families have reported that they no longer need training and support, as they have learned what they need to in order to keep their garden flourishing. This is ultimately our goal, to train people who become skilled and successful and in turn train others in the community to grow their own food. Pastor Lionel expresses his excitement of this project in their remote village, and explains that it is more important now than ever before for the villagers to learn to grow their own food, as food costs continue to rise.
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“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” 💜

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Our 16 artisans have come on site this past week to collect materials to make ornaments from home for Feed My Starving Children Marketplace. We are grateful for a new order and work for our artisans!

Collectively, our Ila Joi employees care for a total of 42 children. This work makes a big impact on their families, as it helps pay their children’s education and helps put food on the table.

Visit our site to shop Ila Joi: www.zelhaiti.com/ila-joi-1

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Patrick serves as a security guard at our main site in Kenscoff. We are grateful for his 8 years of service keeping our site safe and running smoothly. He takes great care in his work. Patrick has a wife and 2 sons, ages 2 and 7, that he cares for. We are incredibly grateful for him!

#chancesforchildren #KeepingFamiliesTogether #c4cteam #weloveouremployees #ProvidingJobs
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In October, 2018, the exchange rate was 68 gourdes to $1 USD. Today, it has nearly doubled to 125 gourdes for every $1 USD.

As a result, job insecurity has only risen, food is too expensive since 2/3 of the population make $2 a day, more than 1/2 the population is undernourished, and daily life is becoming more difficult.

We believe change comes through empowering communities, training pastors, providing jobs, giving access to medical care, feeding kids, and inspiring sustainability. Join us in our efforts to care for and provide opportunity to the beloved Haitian people. 🙏

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Your support of Night of Hope will help us eliminate the orphan epidemic in Haiti.