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Chances for Children provides financial aid, management support and volunteers to Haiti.


Your donations help us provide the people of Haiti with shelter, feeding programs, and more.

Welcome To Chances For Children

Keeping Families Together

Our Vision

Chances for Children provides HOPE to Haiti’s children by developing leaders and empowering church communities.


Chances for Children works through the local church to uplift the children of Haiti with a variety of programs.

How You Can Help

There are many ways your donations can be used in Haiti. There are also many other ways to support the people of Haiti.

What We Do

Our Mission is accomplished in a variety of ways.

Adoption/Orphan Care

Thanks to many partners who sponsor the children at the créche receive outstanding care.

Feeding Programs

Through our partner, Feed My Starving Children we are able to feed impoverished communities.

Community Development

Our goal is to bring each of our church communities out of Survival mode and into Stabilty mode.

Medical Care

The Pediatric Medical Clinic sees approximately 190 children per month.

Empowering Women

Designed to keep families together, through our programs Ila Joi and Zel.

Mission Teams

Do you have a passion for wanting to serve others?  If so, Chances for Children needs you!

Jobs Created

Pediatric Visits

Meals Served

Children Placed

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Summer break is in full swing over here and our staff are working hard at keeping them entertained with some form of structure during the day. This is a game that the staff made up, with minimal supplies needed but entertains the kids for hours - with the bonus of physical exercise. They play it tournament style, facing off with one another and slowly eliminating until we have a daily champion! ... See MoreSee Less

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The song being sung by our teachers and trainers: “I am a teacher. I can change this country. The future is in my classroom. I am a Haitian teacher, I am strong.“

This past week we held a teacher training for our remote village teachers. It was the first organized training they had ever had. We are extremely encouraged and impressed by the teachers and the passion they have to learn more to help their students succeed. A test was given to the teachers at the beginning of the training to see where they were at and they scored 26%. At the end of the training they took the same test and scored an average of 96%! The P4H trainers said that they have never seen such a big jump. We are so thankful to P4H for providing such a quality training focused on interactive activities rather than solely lectures. The training will continue for 3 years with progress checks and follow-ups.

Here are some takeaways from the training:

* Students learn by connecting something new with something they already know. The teacher doesn’t have all of the knowledge, students come with some knowledge already. 💡

* The student is like a match. They have all potential inside of them, but the flame must be ignited. 🔥

* The performance of a teacher has the biggest impact on the performance of students. When a teacher is not performing well, students will not perform well. It is not race, poverty, or where someone comes from that determines their success, it is about having effective teachers. All Haitian students can succeed, but we must give them the opportunity. 📚

Thank you again to all who supported this amazing training. We all walked away extremely inspired and excited for what God has planned for every child that attends and will attend our village schools.

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Hello friends! As many of you already know, today and tomorrow (July 15 and 16) are Amazon Prime Days where many of you will be getting some amazing deals! If you are planning to shop, would you consider shopping through Amazon Smile instead? A portion of your purchase goes to a charity of your choice; we would love for you to support Chances for Children and kids like these who have been brought out of poverty and into a thriving life. You can help us in our goal of keeping families together and providing more opportunities for kids while doing some shopping, every amount helps! Thank you all for your support!!

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2 weeks ago

Chances for Children

What a great week we had with the team here! 600 balloons along with bubbles and stickers for the kids, 4 desks built for our remote village schools, witnessing the start of our 4-day teacher training, 2 church benches completed, a soccer match with the crèche kids, lots of card games, exploring Kenscoff; a little bit of everything! We are so grateful for this past week and the way God continues to work through everyone here and the many blessings He gives to C4C.

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“In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” - Romans 8:37-39

In Christ, we have overcome this world - we are not of this world but remain in this world during our lifetime to proclaim the Good News of Jesus! How freeing it is to have this wisdom and to be separated from this broken world and engulfed in God’s love.

You can see our Kenscoff church below - the building with the blue roof! We praise God for all that He is doing through this church body - training pastors in 14 other connected churches all throughout Haiti and equipping people to proclaim the Gospel - our most important mission here in Haiti!

#BonDimanch #HappySunday #morethanconquerors #Godisgreater #thanthisworld #makeHisnameknown #C4C #perspective #Godislove #Haitiisabeauty
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To our adoptive families - we still have 2 spots available for the NOH weekend November 8-9. Please let us know this asap if you can attend!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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It’s mango season!! You can find stacks of mangoes being sold right off the road all over Haiti. Many people bring mangoes up the mountain to be sold in Kenscoff since they do not grow as well at high elevation.

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For those of you who have visited the creche before, this is a familiar sight. This is the building that houses our roughly 30 wonderful children! It is their temporary home - a place we like to believe is a refuge for them. A space to grieve loss and prepare for new beginnings. Each child comes to us with a different story but all have experienced loss. We cover each child in prayer as they prepare for a new beginning. ... See MoreSee Less

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The balloon animals are back today! Our pediatric medical clinic on site is very busy this week with patients, so our team stepped in to give the kids some entertainment! 🎈😄

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The team this week came complete with balloons and craftiness. This little man lost an arm but is still hanging on to B. We look forward to a fun week with the team, we have many wood work projects on the schedule!

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