Sponsor a child and provide them with the essentials they need to survive.


Chances for Children provides financial aid, management support and volunteers to Haiti.


Your donations help us provide the people of Haiti with shelter, feeding programs, and more.

C4C in Haiti during the Corona Virus:

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Welcome To Chances For Children

Keeping Families Together

Our Vision

Chances for Children provides HOPE to Haiti’s children by developing leaders and empowering church communities.


Chances for Children works through the local church to uplift the children of Haiti with a variety of programs.

How You Can Help

There are many ways your donations can be used in Haiti. There are also many other ways to support the people of Haiti.

What We Do

Our Mission is accomplished in a variety of ways.

Adoption/Orphan Care

Thanks to many partners who sponsor the children at the créche receive outstanding care.

Feeding Programs

Through our partner, Feed My Starving Children we are able to feed impoverished communities.

Community Development

Our goal is to bring each of our church communities out of Survival mode and into Stabilty mode.

Medical Care

The Pediatric Medical Clinic sees approximately 190 children per month.

Empowering Women

Designed to keep families together, through our programs Ila Joi and Zel.

Mission Teams

Do you have a passion for wanting to serve others?  If so, Chances for Children needs you!

Jobs Created

Pediatric Visits

Meals Served

Children Placed

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20 hours ago

Chances for Children

Happy Monday from these sweet girls all dressed in their Sunday best! 😊💕

For $1 a day you can help provide essentials and nanny care for 1 of the 25 children in our crèche. Reach out to Susie@chances4children.org for more information!


#chancesforchildren #c4cfamily #crèche #Opportunity #ProvidingHope #sponsorachild #hopeforhaiti #lovingonkids
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This kid is pure joy. E is resilient, brave, compassionate, kind, extremely intelligent, honest, caring, grateful, and strong. Words cannot express the love we have for this boy and the warmth we have in our hearts to see him so happy and free of pain for such an extended period of time.

E has sickle cell anemia and has suffered far too many bouts of intense pain. Thanks to many efforts and a generous medicine donation from Dr. Berg and the the team at Community Medical Centers in Clovis, CA, E is now healthier than he has been for a long, long time.

We are truly thankful for medicine, health, generous people, and a Great God who provides for our needs. 💛

#chancesforchildren #c4c #sicklecellanemia #health #joy #thankyou #gratitude #sweete #bigsmiles #warmhearts #Opportunity #hope #brightfuture
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Today’s C4C employee highlight is Pastor Monclair! Serving not only as a pastor in our Kenscoff church, but also as our Education Manager, Pastor Monclair plays a vital role in C4C’s work. He is married with 2 children.

He consistently travels to our 4 village schools to carry supplies and get updates. He also helps with our church’s feeding program. We are grateful for his hard work, determination, compassion, and devotion to his work and the church.

#chancesforchildren #C4C #weloveouremployees #villagework #C4Cfamily #devotion #staffhighlight #educationispower #endpoverty #breakingthecycle #jobprovision
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6 days ago

Chances for Children

In all we do, we first give glory and praise to God, for we would be nowhere without Him. Haitians teach us daily to first give our work to God, and we see this reflected in the way our staff live their daily lives.

We are grateful for the resilient, passionate, God-fearing people we have the joy of working alongside. 💛🇭🇹

#chancesforchildren #c4cfamily #KeepingFamiliesTogether #welovekiki #andourstaff #Godisourfoundation #resilience #passion #GloryToGod
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7 days ago

Chances for Children

We have finished up week 2 of intensive business training for our Kenscoff microloan participants!

Pastor Johnny is teaching 10 women and 1 man concepts of business management and growth, record keeping, differentiating their businesses, and more. Next week they will be writing out a detailed business plan before receiving their 0% interest loan! Their different small businesses include farming, selling produce, bulk food items, cosmetics, street food, and a salon.

They are eager to start growing their business so that they can better support themselves and their families. We are grateful for the positive impact this program has on these participants and their families as well as the local economy!

#chancesforchildren #KeepingFamiliesTogether #sustainability #businessgrowth #microloans #businesstraining #supportlocaleconomies #ProvidingHope #Opportunity
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1 week ago

Chances for Children

The eldest crèche girls all dressed for church. 🥰

We love the special bond between these girls and the ways they set examples and help care for their younger “brothers and sisters.” It is not always easy having 25 kids running around, but they sure do all love and watch out for each other!

#chancesforchildren #C4Cfamily #crèche #lovethesegirls #leaders #examples #alldressedup #bonlendi #happyMonday
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1 week ago

Chances for Children

We were able to raise $2,420 for M’s cleft palate surgery through our FB fundraiser and direct donations to help cover his blood work, procedure, and post-op care and nutrition! Thank you so much to everyone who supported M and shared our fundraiser.

We have loved seeing the growth of M’s mom over the past 2 years as she loves on, cares for, and protects her son. We are proud of her for the responsibilities she has taken on and for applying what she has learned to help with M’s health. This surgery has given her hope that he can live more of a normal life despite his many developmental delays. Thank you for filling this need and giving M the opportunity live a more normal life, filled with joy and hope. 🙏

#chancesforchildren #C4C #keepingfamiliestogether #cleftpalate #medicalcare #fillingneeds #thankstoyou #changinglives #givinghope
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Please take a couple minutes to read about M and his impactful story:

This sweet little guy has been through a lot. M first came to our medical clinic in January 2019. Some of you may remember him, as we shared his story at this time. He was 1.5 months old with many developmental delays including a cleft palate, controlled epilepsy (seizures), severe tongue tie, club foot, missing fingers and toes, and 2 hernias. We have blurred his face as requested by his mom to protect his identity.

He was sent to a hospital down the mountain to see a pediatrician, and we connected with a mission team that does cleft palate/lip surgeries. He did not meet the age/weight requirement, so the team sent his mom home with a special feeding bottle to keep little M from aspirating (accidentally breathing food or fluid into his lungs) and help him gain weight to qualify for the cleft palate surgery when the team returned. C4C has been providing M with our Feed My Starving children manna rice packs every month with a large can of formula to supplement his diet. Our medical clinic also pays for his monthly seizure medications.

M is now 2 years old and just learned to walk. He is not yet talking, but is growing and learning more every day. He is unable to properly chew food and is still at risk for aspiration. He can only drink fluids and eat puréed foods. The cleft palate surgery team had to postpone their trips due to insecurities in Haiti and then Covid, but they are now returning to Haiti!

M will be having his cleft palate surgery on Saturday, March 6. He will also have the proper blood work done on Tuesday, March 2. The total cost of the surgery is $2,000. The operating room, medication, hospital room, and doctor expenses add up to $1,600. The additional $400 would go towards the pre-op blood work, post-op PediaSure, and any other post-op care and supplies needed.

Please consider contributing toward M’s treatment, he and his mother are overjoyed to get him the care that he so desperately needs. Please share this fundraiser with friends so that we can ensure we have the funds to cover his surgery coming up in 2 short weeks! We thank you for your support!

*Click on "Cleft Palate Surgery for M" to see more pictures of little M.
*Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes towards M's surgery.
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Around 60% of Haitian citizens are below the poverty line, ranking Haiti as the 16th poorest country in the world. 46% of Haiti’s population is malnourished, and the life expectancy in the country is just 63 years (USA Today).

C4C is providing HOPE to 9,400 Haitians directly in 14 villages every year, not including their spouses, children, and relatives secondarily impacted by our programs.

90% of every dollar given to C4C directly benefits these villagers through our rural feeding programs, backyard farming, micro loans and job creation, 4 village schools, local churches, medical and dental clinics, adoptions, and other employment.

We are helping communities move from survival, to stability, and onwards towards sustainability through your support. We thank you.


#seeingHaitiimpacted #generosity #lovingkids #servingfamilies #buildingstrongercommunities #throughGospelwork #survival #stability #sustainability #C4Cfamily #hopeforHaiti #keepingfamiliestogether #opportunity
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2 weeks ago

Chances for Children

We are thrilled to announce that our dental clinic at our main site in Kenscoff has reopened! It has remained closed since last March in order to keep our staff and patients safe and healthy.

We are grateful to serve the children again in the community with affordable dental care, as most families do not have access to any dentist in the area due to limited doctors and expensive patient visits.

Here’s to beautiful smiles, relief from pain, and happy parents! 😊

#chancesforchildren #C4C #dentist #dentalcare #smiles #keepingfamiliestogether #caringforkids #medicalcare #opportunity
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Your support of Night of Hope will help us eliminate the orphan epidemic in Haiti.