Medical Programs’ Newsletter

First, WE want to begin by thanking all of our C4C Medical Program donors! We are excited to see our continued growth in providing services since 2014. Each donation received helps save children’s lives in Haiti.

What’s New?

 Travel Nurse – Telehealth Program:

After the 2021 Night of Hope fundraiser the C4C Medical Program received the initial funding to start a new monthly travel nursing – telehealth program. This program serves families in rural, impoverished, and isolated communities in Haiti. The need for this program developed due to the country’s political insecurities and current instability; U.S. mobile medical teams have not been able to travel to Haiti to provide medical care since 2018.

This program’s design includes sending a travel nurse (Nurse Darlinedia) to three of the remote southern villages with the necessary tools and medications to assess and treat children. After obtaining a thorough health history and assessment, Nurse Darlinedia communicates with the C4C pediatricians by phone, sending photos for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

During Nurse Darlinedia’s first telehealth visit in April 2022, she traveled to the southern villages of Caporale, Derriere Prie, and Belle Anse. Nurse Darlinedia assessed a total of 77 children at the three villages. Children in these remote villages received treatment for a variety of skin infections, gastrointestinal concerns, and common childhood illnesses; without this care it is likely the children would not have survived. Six children required additional medical care for malnutrition and were transported and housed in Kenscoff to be seen at the C4C Pediatric Clinic. These numbers, although great, fall short of the 150 children/per day seen by past U.S. mobile medical teams.

Meet Baby Clody!

Clody was transported to Kenscoff after our travel nurse assessed him to need malnutrition care. After being seen at the C4C clinic, Clody and his caregiver were transported to a local partner for inpatient care. The photo shows his before and after treatment – Clody’s life was saved through early identification by our travel nurse!






Programs in Action!

Pediatric Medical Clinic

Since its opening in 2014, the C4C Pediatric has seen a total of 19,397 patients. The clinic continues to provide a full array of pediatric services including preventative care, sick child visits, and the bi-weekly nutrition program to combat malnutrition. Additionally, the clinic offers lab and pharmacy services. Currently 12 staff are employed at the clinic.





Nutrition Program

For the past three years, Nurse Nadia has led the nutrition training provided to families at the C4C Pediatric clinic. The training focuses on common food items grown in gardens and sold at Haitian street markets. Families learn about the nutrients found in the vegetables, fruits, and other food items as well as the importance of these food items in their child’s development and health. Through our partnerships with Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) and Vitamin Angels (VA) each family receives FMSC manna packs and VA vitamin packs for their child(ren) enrolled in the Nutrition Program.



Dental Clinic

The pediatric dental clinic opened in 2019 and is a collaboration between C4C and Highlands church of Scottsdale Arizona. The dental clinic is open 2 days per month with families traveling from beyond the Kenscoff region to be seen. The clinic offers both preventative and treatment services. Our focus is on educating children and families to develop healthy habits and prevent tooth decay, and when needed we have the ability to repair and restore each child’s smile. Currently the pediatric dental clinic employs one dentist and two dental assistants. The dental assistants are local women with no previous experience working in the dental field. Through the generosity of Dr. John Anderson and Gloria Anderson, these two women were successfully trained to assist our local dentist Dr. Alexandre and gained employment to support their families. Since opening a total of 288 patients have been seen.

Mobile Medical Clinics

With the situation in Haiti reaching a crisis point we have not been able to conduct mobile medical clinics since the fall of 2018. We hope to be able to restart this program in the near future.


Thank you for supporting the C4C Medical Programs.

Please continue to pray for Haiti!

Thank you to our partners!