Over 7,000 Haitians have tested positive for COVID-19 in the country’s 2 testing centers.

CHURCH: We commend all of the pastors in our 14 villages who have stepped in during this extremely challenging season as a light and encouragement to their communities. Our pastors have been visiting families, praying for them and helping meet their needs. Over the last few months, Haitians have had even less work opportunities, higher costs of living, and added stress that make daily life often overbearing.

We are grateful for the burdens our church leaders help carry in the villages we support and the hope and freedom found in Christ they preach.

Our village pastors and Kenscoff church members held a funeral on Saturday to celebrate the life of Pastor Lionel R Maxime and the legacy he left behind.

CRECHE: All of our kids remain healthy and are staying busy with their daily activities!