Vision and Goals

Strengthening Communities and Families

Widespread poverty, economic turmoil, and devastating natural disasters create a bleak future for the children of Haiti. Due to extreme poverty, many parents are forced to abandon or relinquish their children because they do not have the ability to feed, care for or educate them. The mission of Chances for Children is to provide hope to these children – one child, one family, one community at a time.

We believe the answer to Haiti’s orphan epidemic can be solved by strengthening communities and families.

Survival - Stability - Sustainability

The vision of C4C is to work through local pastors to move their communities from survival towards stability and then ultimately onward to sustainability. Addressing the basic needs of clean water, hunger, medical care and spiritual encouragement are the components for survival. The community then moves into stability when families are given the tools of employment to begin providing for the basic needs of their families. In some of the regions we work in, the movement from survival to stability has been accomplished in two years. Our ultimate goal is to see these communities into the final stage of sustainability. In this stage, the members of the community would create sustainable livelihoods for themselves so that they can provide for the needs of their families and furthermore teach those skills to their children.

It is our prayer to help provide Hope for children in Haiti
One Child, One Family, One Community At A Time.

Chances for Children works through the local church to uplift the children of Haiti with a variety of programs to encourage the movement of a community from survival, to stability, to sustainability: