Adoption/Orphan Care

There are over 35,000 children in Haiti living outside of parental care.

Most of these children live in orphanages because their families are not able to feed or care for them due to severe poverty and lack of employment. Chances for Children works to preserve families by providing jobs in Haiti for mothers and fathers – in an effort to keep children with their families.  However, in dire situations – such as the death of a mother or father, severe malnutrition or illness – we admit children into our Creche in Kenscoff.

The Creche is home to 9 children & 6 teens who are in various stages of their adoption process. C4C has been processing adoptions in Haiti for 11 years and placed 130 children into forever families in the U.S., Canada & the Netherlands.

We pride ourselves on our high caregiver to child ratios.

We currently employ a staff of 27 full-time and 3 part-time employees. Our children are taught English and every child over the age of 5 attends a private school where they interact with other children in their peer group.  Our caretakers are encouraged to engage the children in age-appropriate developmental play.

Our children have access to our Pediatric Medical Clinic and our Doctors  carefully follow  their care while at the crèche.  We have a nurse on staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to care for the children when they get sick.  In addition, we do thorough medical screening and lab tests on all children prior to admitting them to the Crèche. We test all children for HIV, VDRL, Sickle Cell, Hepatitis and TB, as well as providing adoptive parents with medical summaries.

C4C also assists 2 other local orphanages in Kenscoff by
providing food and medical care.

There are more than 1.2 million orphaned and vulnerable children living in Haiti, 25,000 of these children are living in orphanages today.

These children often end up living in the streets of Haiti, working as child slaves (restaveks) or warehoused in orphanages. The latest report from the United Nations lists over 750 orphanages in Haiti, and most of these receive very little funding to take care of the children that they house. The government of Haiti is unable to provide funding for these children and without private support these children face a very bleak future. C4C provides monthly support to a few select Haitian Non-Profits operating orphanages where children live out their lives. We partner with these groups to provide monthly donations of food, medicine, clothing and financial support.

If you are interested in adopting a child from Haiti we suggest you contact one of our licensed agency partners. Chances for Children is not an adoption agency. Our partners include:

America World Adoption Association
Margaret Hebda, Haiti Program Director
Phone: 1-800-429-3369

Lifeline Children’s Services
Morgan Terch
Phone: 205-967-0811

Wasatch International
Chareyl Moyes, Haiti Program Director
Phone: 801-334-8683

All Blessings International
Stephanie Williams
Phone: 605-301-4690

Additionally, if you are interested in adopting a child from Haiti, you might be interested in this book from one of our adoptive parents: