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03 Apr

C4C – 4/3/20

According to Haiti Analysis, “With six million of Haiti’s 11 million citizens living below the poverty line of $2.41 a day, according to the World Bank, most will face a grueling dilemma of how to feed themselves and their families while avoiding virus infection….As the virus hits countries worldwide, it is unlikely foreign governments will be able to marshal the Herculean support that Haiti needs. Haiti spends just $13 per capita on healthcare, compared to $180 by the Dominican Republic,...

01 Apr

C4C – 4/1/20

Since Haiti has few healthcare networks and even less infrastructure, officials have taken a proactive approach to prevent the spread of coronavirus by calling for a national lockdown. The question still remains, “how”? How do we actually prepare? How can we urge people to “wash hands constantly” when water is not readily accessible? How can we urge them to shelter in place when the only way that they can feed their children is to stand out in the sun for hours...

30 Mar

C4C – 3/30/20

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! We are happy to keep you all informed about what is happening within our organization and in Haiti through our weekly updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can also follow us on Facebook (Chances for Children) and on Instagram (@c4c_haiti). CRECHE: All of the kids are doing well and are staying healthy. E, who suffers from sickle cell anemia, has experienced a lot of pain and weakness in the past 5 weeks, which is the longest extended...

27 Mar

C4C – 3/27/20

As of March 27, there are 8 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Haiti. However, many people believe this number is higher because most Haitians do not have access to medical care and cannot get tested. In their neighboring country, the Dominican Republic, 581 cases have been reported. There are 64 ventilators and 124 intensive care beds in all of Haiti. Only 5 of those beds meet the criteria for a level 1 intensive care unit. CRECHE: All kids & staff at...