As of March 27, there are 8 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Haiti. However, many people believe this number is higher because most Haitians do not have access to medical care and cannot get tested. In their neighboring country, the Dominican Republic, 581 cases have been reported.

There are 64 ventilators and 124 intensive care beds in all of Haiti. Only 5 of those beds meet the criteria for a level 1 intensive care unit.

CRECHE: All kids & staff at our créche are safe and healthy. Everyone understands the reality of the situation. The nurses and nannies are following the plan very well, limiting outside access to the créche as much as possible. We have food for 5 months and have also purchased water, diesel for the generator and supplies.

EDUCATION: Our Haiti Education Manager, Pastor Montclair, is continuing to work alongside P4H Global’s Haiti Director and our school directors to create a plan for the kids in our 4 village schools to continue learning from home despite not being able to be in the classroom. We are also continuing to pay our teachers despite the situation.

COMMUNITY EFFORTS: We have informed all village pastors the importance of cleanliness in making and serving food at each of our feeding programs as well as the kids washing their hands well and trying not to touch their faces. We continue to serve food at all of our village feeding programs and we are creating a plan to conserve food to be able to continue providing food to our villages despite us not knowing when we will receive our next container of food.