Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! We are happy to keep you all informed about what is happening within our organization and in Haiti through our weekly updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can also follow us on Facebook (Chances for Children) and on Instagram (@c4c_haiti).

CRECHE: All of the kids are doing well and are staying healthy. E, who suffers from sickle cell anemia, has experienced a lot of pain and weakness in the past 5 weeks, which is the longest extended period of time he has had continuous pain. Thankfully, he is beginning to feel better and walk more and more every day with assistance. We praise God for this news we received today.

Our creche director, Nathan, has created a schedule where all of the nannies will work for a week at a time to reduce exposure to the virus. We are providing funds for any creche worker that lives outside of Kenscoff (where ou creche is located) to take a moto to and from work so that they do not have to travel on crowded tap taps (public transport).

COUNTRY UPDATE: Diesel, cleaning supplies, and some bulk food items are difficult to find in-country. Although the borders are closed, products are still able to come in and out of the country. Many Haitians rely on traveling to the Dominican Republic to purchase goods at a better price and sell them in Haiti, but this is no longer an option, further increasing the prices of goods and food items across the country.

Please continue to pray that the spread of the virus would be contained and that Haitians would be able to purchase the food and necessary items they need. Although the president has mandated Haitians to stay home, many are not able to because they must continue to buy and sell goods in confined spaces and many families live in tight quarters with multiple family members.