According to BBC News, “Around 60% of Haitians live below the poverty line and many face a stark choice: either go about [their] daily business and run the risk of contracting COVID-19, or stay indoors, as the government advises, and be unable to put food on the table.” The government has been distributing food parcels and masks, but not enough to reach a large percentage of the people. “In Port-au-Prince, market days have been cut back, creating further demand for basic food supplies.”

CRECHE: Thankfully, our creche has enough food and supplies on hand to last for 4 months. We also praise God that all of the kids are living normal daily lives despite not going to school and church. They continue to do their school workbooks, read from other books we have on hand, and do craft projects with Vastine who runs the activities with the kids when she is on site. We remain in continuous communication with our Creche Director, Nathan, and our nannies.

FEEDING PROGRAMS: Our villagers have access to clean water during this time, as we have distributed about 1,000 bucket filters to our remote sites over the past two years. We have much to be thankful for despite the current circumstances, and clean water in our villages is high on the list.