The known COVID-19 cases in Haiti have neither escalated nor improved in the past week.

EDUCATION: We continue to pay our teachers their salary despite the closing of our 4 village schools. Our teachers have implemented at-home assignments and WhatsApp (messaging app) as conditions allow. However, homeschooling remains a huge challenge for Haitian families when they rarely have power, the kids are given chores and work to help keep their families afloat, and little to no materials are available to work and learn with. Our students are eager to get back to school. You can reach out to to learn more about our education program and sponsor a student.

CRECHE: Our 29 children remain safe and healthy, praise be to God. E (who has sickle cell anemia) continues to gain back some strength, but is still not back to his normal self.

Please continue to keep Haiti and its people in your prayers, as God alone knows our needs and will guide and provide day by day. Thank you for your support.