There are currently 72 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Haiti from the 1 testing center in the country. There are no known cases of the virus in our villages.

AGRICULTURE: Our second agriculture project in our remote village of Massikot is underway, serving the poorest 50 families in the village. We have built a rainwater collection system to distribute water to the 50 households and their backyard farming crops. The crops, including papaya trees, beans, cabbage, peppers, and more are growing well and will be ready for the families to eat soon. We have also continued our goat program by passing on the baby goats to families in the village. We started with 53 goats. We are grateful these families will have more food sources, especially during this challenging time when food is becoming more expensive and harder to come by.

CRÈCHE: All of our crèche kids are doing well and are sticking to their daily routines: eat, do chores, bathe, do schoolwork, play games, sing songs, repeat!