533 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in Haiti, with 20 recorded deaths. This is a large increase in cases based on the limited testing centers. 

Haiti has been hit hard by natural disasters, corruption, poverty, food scarcity, and disease for decades, but this past year has been one of the most difficult for the country and the current spread of the virus brings Haiti to a breaking point.

With the close of Dominican Republic’s border, food availability has become an even greater problem. While basics like rice, beans, and pasta are available, other foods like meats and produce are very difficult to find. Haitian currency has also devalued as a result of the crisis and food prices are only rising in response.

People are struggling to find food and resources day to day, which makes it especially important that we keep our staff and the children in our care fed and healthy.

FEEDING PROGRAM: We have distributed food to all 13 of our villages to last them through September, while feeding the 4,260 village kids 2x a week. Please be in prayer that God makes a way for a container of food from Feed My Starving Children to be delivered within the coming months!

CRECHE: We got to video the kids the other day and they were eating mango! It is the beginning of mango season and they are all really excited about that because they LOVE mango. Currently, we have enough food and supplies on hand for the next 2 months. All of the kids are doing well and staying healthy, praise be to God.