Over 4,300 Haitians have tested positive for COVID-19 in the country’s 2 testing centers.

NIGHT OF HOPE: Our biggest event of the year, Night of Hope, provides almost 50% of our annual operating funds. We have made a challenging, yet necessary decision to move this event to April 24, 2021. In order to keep all of our programs running through the end of the year and into 2021, we will be holding a week-long virtual fundraiser, Days of Hope, starting on November 7, 2020. Mark your calendars and help us in supporting over 7,000 children across Haiti!

CRECHE: L turns 4 today! Visit our social media pages to see how tall he is getting! He is one special kid who has come a long way since first being admitted to our creche as an infant. All of our kids and staff remain healthy, praise be to God!