2,226 Haitians have tested positive for COVID-19.

Haiti celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday, honoring the mothers who work around the clock to provide for their families. The mothers we employ, including our nannies, cooks, and artisans, are amazing examples of resiliency, love, and strength. Each one of them is thankful to have regular work to provide opportunities for their children including consistent meals, a stable home environment, education, and more.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: 450 pounds of seeds arrived in Haiti last week, thanks to Danny Fernandez and US Agriseeds. We are incredibly grateful that we can now plant squash, beets, cabbage, and melon in our remote village of Massikot to continue our agriculture “backyard farming” program. We will also plant these seeds in our Kenscoff garden to provide extra vegetables for the kids at our creche. Food is harder to come by and more expensive, which makes growing food in these communities is a major blessing.

CRECHE: The kids have been taking English classes with Vastine, who runs activities at the creche during the week. They are learning the alphabet, days of the week, and months of the year! All kids and creche staff have remained healthy.