Nearly 7,000 Haitians have tested positive for COVID-19 in the country’s 2 testing centers.

MEDICAL CLINIC: Our pediatric clinic has officially opened back up again starting today! We have secured the proper medical equipment to keep our doctors, nurses, and remaining staff safe from COVID-19. We have also implemented social distancing and will be sanitizing the clinic multiple times a day. We are only allowing 1 family in the waiting room at a time and asking all patients and their families to wear a mask. We are only allowing up to 10 people in the clinic at a time. 

We are grateful that we can again treat hundreds of children from communities near and far. Many families travel on foot for hours to reach our clinic due to the limited clinics in the country.

CRECHE: All children and staff remain healthy and provided for! We are setting up a plan for the kids to be seen at the clinic at different times as the other patients to help keep them protected.