COVID-19 cases in Haiti have stabilized, but most people remain untested. Haiti is no longer in a state of emergency, as factories are running again at 100%, churches are meeting together, and schools plan to start classes in November, according to the Haitian prime minister Joseph Jouthe. However, we remain cautious in our work and have kept our social distancing and safety plans in place, as we know the virus can continue spreading.

CRECHE: Today is M’s 9th birthday! We were able to video chat with her this morning and she is doing very well along with the other kids. M is full of joy and curiosity, always asking questions and wanting to learn more. She is a great helper around the creche and has taught the other kids a lot of English, as she speaks it very well. She loves to do activities with her older sister who is also with her at the creche. We are thankful for the light and compassion she spreads to others around her!