COVID-19 confirmed cases have stabilized, but most Haitians who have contracted the virus remain untested.

AGRICULTURE: The backyard farming crops in our remote village of Massikot are growing well! Papaya, leek, cabbage, squash, and pepper seeds were planted earlier this year and we are now in the bean and peanut planting season.

We chose 50 of the poorest families to benefit from this program and provide a sustainable way to feed their families. We have also distributed 48 goats to the families. This is an especially crucial time to be growing food, as inflation and food prices are rising daily, making it more difficult for families to buy basic goods.

CRECHE: Today the children are having a bunch of fun making loud music, jumping around, and just being kids! Check out our c4c_haiti Instagram story to see them in action. We are thankful for a great staff who are taking good care of the kids. Everyone is staying healthy!