COVID-19 cases in Haiti have stabilized, but most people remain untested. 57 cases have been confirmed in the community of Kenscoff.

AGRICULTURE: Our backyard farming program in Massikot has been highly successful for 50 of the poorest families in our partner church. 50 goats were distributed last December, which has now grown to 150 goats. Peppers, leeks, papaya trees, cabbage, and beans are growing well in the backyard farms and the community garden!

Many of the families have reported that they no longer need training and support, as they have learned what they need to in order to keep their garden flourishing. This is ultimately our goal, to train people who become skilled and successful and in turn train others in the community to grow their own food. Pastor Lionel expresses his excitement of this project in their remote village, and explains that it is more important now than ever before for the villagers to learn to grow their own food, as food costs continue to rise.

CRECHE: All children and staff are doing well and remaining healthy, praise to God. The kids will not return to school until it is safe to do so, which has not yet been decided. They continue to work in their school book and have tutoring sessions with Regy at the creche on weekdays, which has been highly successful for the kids.