Quarterly Updates

16 Aug

2023 Q1 & Q2 Haiti Update – A Glimpse of Hope

How do you tell a mom whose child hasn’t eaten in days that due to the violence, work is closed, and she won’t be paid for the day? How do you tell a child he/she cannot go to school today because men with large guns block the road between home and school, which are only 15 yards apart? How do you tell a young man he must go to school hungry when he knows full well that if he joins...

15 Aug

2022 Q2 Haiti Update – A note from a long time observer

Motivation is a temporary emotion. It rises up easily and frequently, but quickly fades with inaction. We see this all the time – diets become fads, New Year’s resolutions fade, organizations formed with the best of intentions, fail. Twenty percent of small businesses fail in the first 12 months, fifty percent within 5 years, and only 1/3 of organizations remain open 10 years later. In October, Chances for Children celebrates 16 years of serving the children and communities of Haiti...

07 Mar

2022 Q1 Haiti Update

The situation in Haiti remains dire with stalled elections, rising poverty and the growing power of gangs. Political Situation in Haiti Experts and rights groups have said the situation in Haiti has reached a crisis point, as gang violence is surging across the country in the aftermath of President Jovenel Moise’s assassination last year. Moise appointed Ariel Henry as the new Prime Minister the day before he was assassinated. This was the 7th prime minister appointment by Moise in his 3 ½ year presidency....