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14 Croix des Boquets

15 Forest des Pines


Extreme unemployment and unstable food supply for families (Children and elderly vulnerable)
Unsafe water supply may exist
Medical care is too expensive or non existent
Shelter is poor, in general, or barely exists
Church pastor feels helpless
Feeding program at least 3-days per week
Clean water supplied for cooking
Stipends paid for the pastor & cooks


All children needing food are in a feeding program
C4C stipends continue for administering the feeding program
No children are showing signs of malnutrition
Mobile Medical Clinics (MMCs) at least twice a year
Children are not dying from ‘simple preventable’ causes
Pastor starting to become a community leader
Working issues outside of the church
Clean water is available for drinking/cooking
Some jobs have been created
Low water/sustainable farming is starting


Pastor(s) is the ‘go to guy’ to help solve community problems. The community says “he is my pastor”
Jobs have been created to supplement income needs
Pastors are receiving a small salary from their church & along with sustainable farming so they can live without C4C stipend support
Low water, sustainable farming is widely accepted and successful
Clean water for drinking/cooking is readily available
Acceptable shelter in place for everyone
Medical care is available through MMC’s quarterly or people have enough money to go to the nearest clinic
Primary education is available and affordable
Children needing a supplemental food source has dropped dramatically, stipends for feeding program not needed