Micro Loan Program

What is our Micro Loan Program?

Our business training and micro loan program provides 0% interest loans to women with established businesses. We began this program to empower and strengthen the female working sector in Haiti. Most Haitians earn their living by operating small enterprises, but they do not have equitable options for receiving access to credit to grow their businesses. This effort includes education and training, utilizing local partners and local church leaders.

Women in the microcredit program join an association. Besides sharing a loan, members will support and encourage each other. The association provides women with a sense of community, which is critical for them when trying to run their own business.

Community Impact

This effort will grow by adding more women to the association year after year, making a significant impact on the community. Our initial program located in Gonaives, Haiti began in 2018 and included 8 women who were given loans between $300 and $1,000 after completing a 4-month business training with their church leaders. All 12 monthly payments were made on time and the entrepreneur’s businesses have succeeded – a positive step to building sustainability in the community. We are now in our second round of loans with 11 women being given 0% interest loans to be paid back in a year.

Plans for the Future

We know that helping to grow economic opportunities in Haiti is the only way to see systemic change in the country. We are passionate about our micro loan program and the ways it empowers women in Haiti to grow their businesses and provide for the needs of their families. We plan to implement our micro loan program in our rural villages across Haiti, beginning in the South. Partner with us to create sustainable change in Haiti.