Feeding Programs

Millions of Haitians are food insecure.

“Haiti has one of the highest levels of food insecurity in the world. 4.9 million Haitians – nearly half the population – need immediate food assistance, and among these, 1.8 face emergency levels of hunger ” – World Food Programme 2022.

According to the Global Hunger Index (2022), 46.8% of the Haitian population (1/3 children) are undernourished.

Chances for Children partners with 15 Arche de L’Alliance Churches throughout Haiti to provide 15 feeding programs. In addition, we partner with 10 other schools, orphanages, churches and medical clinics supplying them with Feed My Starving Children( FMSC) Manna Packs. 1.3 million meals are delivered annually to Haiti through Food for the Poor.

Using FMSC Manna Packs along with food from our Agriculture program ~8,000 children are now receiving a hot meal and safe drinking water 3 times a week.

Introducing our new program, Fém lavi meaning Farm of life

The Feeding Program is partnering with the Agriculture program to grow fresh food in country to support our Caporal, Bel Anse and Derriere Puit feeding programs. In the village of Mabriole, we are employing Haitians to grow the staple crops of beans, potatoes, and corn to supplement the “Feed My Starving Children” packaged meals which are currently used to feed the children in our feeding programs. With the Haitian insecurity issues and shipping challenges, we are thrilled that we are successfully creating jobs, enabling Haitians to grow food for Haitians, and improving food security for the children in our programs!

Mobile Water Filters

Over >1,000 mobile water filters have been given out to the communities of Haiti. These water filters have helped >1,500 families have access to clean water every day.