Kay Aspirasyon

Welcome to Kay Aspirayson: The House of Dreams

In 2023, we launched the Kay Aspirasyon program, a comprehensive 3 to 4-year initiative designed to impart vital independent living skills to the creche children who may not find adoptive families due to their age. Statistics show that children over the age of 14 face a challenging path to adoption, and once they turn 18, they must navigate life beyond the safety net of the creche’s care and support. For these young individuals, the Kay Aspirasyon program is a lifeline, providing essential training and preparation for their transition into adulthood.

Our program is structured around a nurturing environment where boys and girls reside separately in a house located across the street from the creche. Each child benefits from the guidance of both male and female mentors who play a pivotal role in shaping them into responsible young adults. Within this supportive framework, our young adults take on the responsibility of maintaining clean and tidy living spaces, learning the art of cooking, and mastering the skill of doing their own laundry. Moreover, they are all assigned jobs to earn income and receive instructions on budget management. The program sets clear expectations, with students required to maintain their academic performance to retain privileges such as employment and financial independence.

Ultimately, the overarching goal of the Kay Aspirasyon program is to empower these young adults with the skills and confidence they need to thrive independently.

We pride ourselves on our high caregiver to child ratios.

After completing the 3-4 year program, our aim is for these individuals to possess the knowledge and capabilities necessary to care for themselves, both practically and emotionally. Armed with these newfound skills, they can confidently step into the world and explore various opportunities to support themselves. 

Our ultimate aspiration is to break the cycle of poverty, which is frequently why these young adults found themselves at the creche in the first place, as their parents couldn’t afford to provide for them. By equipping them with essential life skills, financial knowledge, and a strong educational foundation, we believe these young adults can create their own path towards a brighter future, fostering self-sufficiency and creating lasting positive change in their lives.