Sak Pase

Sak Pase or “What’s Up” Parties

A fun way to share with your friends and family “what’s up” with Chances for Children!

As a Sak Pase host, the goal of your party is to raise awareness for what C4C does and to reach out to more people as well as creating a fundraising opportunity.

Types of parties to host:

Backyard BBQ
Wine tasting
Bible study presentation
Social media fundraiser
Birthday party
Yoga session
Paint party
And Many More!
Pool party

Although these are some of the most popular examples, we want you to use your creative freedom to create an event that would best suit your guests!

The fundraising can be done a number of ways – asking for a minimum donation of $25 as an entrance fee, creating friendly competitions that require a fee to play, raffle, etc.

You are able to dedicate your fundraising efforts toward a specific C4C program.
This includes:

Medical Clinic
Ila Joi
Feeding Program

We would provide you with presentation materials, videos to show, jewelry from the Women’s Program, brochures or whatever you need to host an informative & successful event.

If you are interested in becoming a Sak Pase host or simply learning more about this opportunity, please contact Sarah Sikon.
P: 440-655-5723