Your sponsorship ensures that children will receive an education, medical care, nutrition, love, spiritual development and nurturing.

With your sponsorship we can make a difference.

Child Sponsorship Changes Lives!

At C4C we have three unique ways you can help a child in Haiti.

Orphan Care

Help us take care of the children living in our creche/orphanage by sponsoring a child.

Medical Care

Sponsor a child that needs medical care but has no access due to the families economic situation.

Feeding Programs

Sponsor a child that has been placed in a feeding program provided by Chances For Children.

It is our mission at Chances for Children to improve the lives of children in Haiti. Thank you for your consideration to sponsor a child. These children need hopeā€¦

Data Shows that Sponsorship Works

A 2009 study of worldwide child sponsorship programs concluded that children supported through sponsorship in developing countries gain significant benefits primarily in:

  • Education – a 3 year increase in formal education for children that were assisted through sponsorship programs
  • Employment – a 72% increase in employment between sponsored children and non-sponsored children.