It is our mission at Chances for Children to improve the lives of children in Haiti. Thank you for your consideration to sponsor a child. These children need hope…

Your sponsorship ensures that children will receive an education, medical care, nutrition, love, spiritual development and nurturing.

With your sponsorship we can make a difference.

Data Shows that Sponsorship Works

According to a 2016 Worldbank study on international child sponsorships, “We believe sponsorship not only provides for some basic educational and health needs, but is very good at raising aspirations among sponsored children..”

Here are some of the findings from the study on child sponsorships;

  • Increased the probability of secondary school completion by 12–18%
  • Increased adult employment by 6.5%
  • Increased the probability of being a community leader
  • Increased monthly income by approximately 20%
  • Formerly sponsored children are more likely to live in homes with electricity and with higher quality floors and roofs

Child Sponsorship Changes Lives!

At C4C we have three unique ways you can help a child in Haiti.

Orphan Care

Help us take care of the children living in our creche/orphanage by sponsoring a child.

Medical Care

Sponsor a child that needs medical care but has no access due to the families economic situation.

Feeding Programs

Sponsor a child that has been placed in a feeding program provided by Chances For Children.