Women’s Empowerment Sponsorship

The goal for our program is to help Haitian families stay together.

Skill development and employment addresses the needs of families before they are at the point of desperation, driven to give their children to an orphanage because of extreme poverty.

Currently Chances for Children runs five feeding programs, giving children a hot meal and clean water several days a week. Unfortunately, some children are missing out on meals because they are too ashamed to attend the program since they lack proper clothing. Our women are making clothes for these children! Because these children’s families cannot afford clothes, we are seeking sponsors who can provide the funds to pay the women who are working so hard to provide the clothing.

Would you consider supporting this wonderful program?

Meet The Women

Philona St. Juste

Philona likes to sing, cook and selling everything she can. She is our sewing room manager. She is orphan with no father or mother. She is sewing to build her house and is looking forward to getting married soon.

Philona’s Prayer:
I thank you Lord for your forgiveness. Please bless me and my family and the artisan program. In the name of Jésus I pray you!

Adeline Soime, 33

Adeline is a single mother with 5 children. She likes to grow vegetables and sell in open market. She doesn’t have a house, so she is sewing to build a little house for her family and pay her children’s schooling.

Adeline’s Prayer:
I Dear God,
I’m grateful to be your child.
Thank you that you are blessing me and my family.

Denise Sainrisier, 38

Denise is married and the mother of 3 children. She enjoys growing vegetables, and raising animals, including pigs, cows, and goats. She is sewing to earn enough money to pay for her children’s schooling.

Denise’s Prayer:
Thank you Lord for your presence in my life. Help me to lead the children that you gave me. Thank you for allowing me to participate in the sewing program.

Sponsorship Plans

Plan A

$30/month ongoing donation continues to supplement this program on a monthly basis. Receive updates regularly on what projects the women are working on in addition to creating clothing for the children.

Plan B

$25 One Time Donation provides 3 skirts OR 3 pair of shorts to a child in the feeding program and salary for the woman who makes it!