Feeding Program Sponsorship

Although some things in Haiti have improved since the 2010 earthquake, the reality of day to day life is still incomprehensible.

Until their political and economical situations improve dramatically, we won’t see a vast improvement in the health of many of their children. Where malnutrition is, poor education always follows (compounding the issues of Haiti’s future). It’s a well known fact that children cannot thrive in many areas of life without proper nutrition, but they especially cannot focus in school. Many Haitian teachers basically say, “We have to send many of them home. They’re in a daze the entire day without being able to focus at all”. There is just no reason people should have to live this way. Until their agriculture situation improves, so many children (especially in the more remote areas of Haiti) are wasting away, literally. Our meals provide a quick nutritious fix for these children. Our goal is to continually add more local grown Haitian vegetables into these meals as well as use some other in-country resources of nutrition.

One child or community at a time, we can help make a difference.

The latest reports still suggest that:

  • One quarter of all Haitian children are malnourished (this doesn’t even count the high percentages of children with stunted growth/development or anemia).
  • Less than 50% of all of Haiti’s population has access to clean water.
  • Between “years of bad political moves and decisions” and Haitian farming/agriculture being unable to get ahead due to extreme weather situations (of too little rain followed by too much)…the malnutrition problem in Haiti is not a quick fix.
  • 80% of Haiti’s rice and and almost 50% of all of it’s food is now imported. As so many now rely on imported food, the meals are becoming less affordable, & the Haitian dollar has depreciated in value against the US dollar.
  • Haiti’s minimum wage is 200 Gourdes/day (this is equivalent to around $4 US dollars).
A $40 monthly sponsorship to our feeding program will provide food for a family with 4 children.

They’ll receive food and a clean cup of drinking water in their local communities. The feeding programs are run by strong, local Haitian pastors and leaders. Our goal is always to make it a strong, faith based environment filled with love & support. Their mothers will have piece of mind with these sponsorships, knowing where their children’s weekly meals are coming from. We’ve already heard countless stories of mothers who said “having their children in this program has taken away her shame (from having to beg for food), improved her child or children’s overall health, and given them the basic nutrition to behave like children should (and even excel in school)” Chances for Children will send each sponsor an (approximate) quarterly feeding program newsletter.

Sponsorship Plans

Plan A

In this plan your sponsorship monies will provide food for a family with 4 children for a month

Plan B

In this plan your sponsorship monies will provide food for a family with 6 children for a month